Privacy policy

Dear customer, protecting the privacy of your data is one of the most important factors for us. We inform you that in accordance with the requirements of Article 5.2 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Personal Data", e-mail address, telephone number or similar personal data are not transferred to another third person or institution without your consent. Our site will only use your personal information to communicate with you about news and updates about our services and site. This section entitled "Privacy Policy" is designed to reflect the importance of modern information technology in the collection and use of the information you provide to us. In the Privacy Policy, references to the seller are used in relation to our site and references to the buyer are used in relation to the subject of the personal data.

This "Privacy Policy" applies to the information collected on the website Regardless of whether you are a user or a member (a person registered on our site), our site always pays attention to the privacy of your data and ensures the protection of your personal data. Your data is stored on our server and we use the necessary technical capabilities to prevent interference by third parties. By using the site, entering your contact details or registering, you have confirmed your agreement with this "Privacy Policy" and its terms and have given your written consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with Article 8.1 of the Law "On Personal Data". you are considered This agreement is valid until your registration is canceled in accordance with the rules established on the site. Those data will be destroyed when the purposes of collecting and processing those data are achieved and the need to store them is no longer needed. If you do not agree with any terms and conditions, please do not use our site or submit your written objection to the non-collection and processing of information about you in accordance with Article 7.2 of the Law "On Personal Data".

Please note that this "Privacy Policy" may be updated and changed by us from time to time. Information about any changes to the "Privacy Policy" will be posted on our website or sent to you via e-mail. It is your responsibility to check this page regularly to be aware of what information is collected, how it is used or under what conditions it is disclosed. In any event, the revised Privacy Policy will apply to you regardless of whether or not you have been informed of it.


Please note that you can also provide any personal information about yourself by entering the site. In some cases, when entering the site, the site may automatically register information that belongs to you, but is not of personal importance. These are signs consisting of letters and numbers sent to the memory of your computer through the Internet browser you use, called "cookies". Such information includes information about which internet browser you use, your computer's operating system, the domain name of your internet network, your IP address, the pages you view on the site or from which site/advertisement you were directed to our site.

At the same time, some information may be placed on your computer through "cookies" or similar files. With the help of most internet browsers, you can delete "cookies" from the memory, block their storage or receive a warning about their storage. However, it should be taken into account that by blocking such information, you may be deprived of the opportunity to take advantage of all the options of the site.


In accordance with Article 11.1 of the Law "On Personal Information", the personal information that may be requested from you, but not limited to the list here, is as follows:

- Name and surname;

– E-mail;

– Mobile number;

– Bank card number.

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